About Us

At the Institute of Leadership Development (ILD), our mission is to develop emotionally intelligent leaders who are relational, confident, and effective. Through simple, practical tools designed to ignite productivity, clarify communication, and grow their influence, our clients are transformed into successful leaders at work and in life.

President and founder, Rebecca Rhodes, started ILD in 1989 out of a passion for developing effective leaders by improving communication skills. Headquartered in South Carolina, ILD has served thousands of individuals and teams in business, government, education, ministry, nonprofits, and more.

Meet Our Team


Our Values



We believe that good communication is essential to healthy relationships, and we’re dedicated to helping you develop the skills needed to thrive in all your relationships.



We believe that balancing your work and personal life is important for everyone, especially leaders. We seek to model that balance in our own lives in order to help you achieve it in yours as well.



We believe that great leaders must understand and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses through honest self-evaluation. We’re committed to helping you understand who you are (and who you’re not), so that you’ll be able to lead confidently, make better decisions, and develop stronger relationships.



We believe in having fun as a team, and we think that should include learning together. We strive to make everything we do practical and enjoyable so that you and your team will love working and learning together too.