You are Invited to Foresight is 2020 Event

Learn the Secret insights to your Time Communication style and help develop a plan to stronger relationships

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Hey Everybody, you are invited to our “Foresight is 2020”

Have you ever been speaking with someone or in a group only to notice that they all suddenly glaze over or lose interest in what you’re saying? We all have, right?

“Foresight is 2020” is an event to help make sure your words are heard and, even better, that you can quickly grasp what others are saying to you.

Communication is vital but very much underutilized in
mainstream society today. Foresight is 2020 will help you change that in your own life. I promise it will be fun,
informative and definitely worth your time.

Register now for January 21st from 10a to 3p with lunch included. The location is Pineville United Methodist Church in beautiful Pineville / Charlotte, NC.

ILD Time Communication model is for everyone who wants to better understand themselves – and enjoy healthier, stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

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