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Training Services

Increase team productivity, manage stress, and develop your leaders through skill-based training. The majority of our courses are custom-created, with presentations, exercises, and examples tailored to fit your team—from a small group of 10 to an entire organization of 1,000+.

Courses we have taught in the past include:

  • Welcome to My Window: Building Better Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills: Saving Your Time and Money
  • Managing Stress in the Midst of Change
  • Practical Time Management
  • Team Building: Giving Rewards and Recognition
  • Building Personal and Organizational Accountability
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mastering Change Management
  • Diversity: Maximizing the Asset of Different

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Coaching Certification

Do you enjoy guiding people toward “ah-ha” moments that help them succeed? Do you have a knack for seeing what’s really going on in a complicated situation and the ability to speak the truth in love?

Becoming a coach for executives and other leaders requires dedication and skill, but it is perhaps the most rewarding work you can do to serve others. ILD’s Coaching Certification is a competitive program based on the 100+ years of combined experience from our coaching staff. The certification has also been incorporated into practicum programs for doctoral students at the Salvation Army and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

In this 8-module, 30-hour course, you will receive individual and small group attention as you study the qualities of a successful coach and gain a solid understanding of communication, emotional intelligence, managing change, goal setting, accountability, and more. You will learn to:


Listen to what is not being said


Identify inconsistencies in client behavior


Help others work through change


Provide a formalized approach to goal setting

After completing your coursework, you will lead five supervised coaching sessions with your own clients before receiving your certification. Fill out an interest form today, and start learning how to coach others to be highly effective leaders.

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