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ILD coaches are experts in communication, conflict resolution, and all things leadership. Together we’ll create a custom roadmap to help you and your team succeed at work and in life.



Work with a certified leadership coach to develop a strategy for reaching your personal or professional goals.



Increase team productivity, manage stress, and clarify communication through our training courses and certification programs.



Get expert guidance on culture change, strategic planning, succession planning, and more.

  I have had the privilege of working with the ILD for the past eight years, contracting the services of several of their expert coaches to work with more than 240 individuals. I highly recommend and fully endorse the ILD coaching program.  

Lt. Colonel Barbara T. Getz, MS Director of Personal & Spiritual Development, The Salvation Army—Southern Territory.

You’re already a leader.

Every day, you’re leading people through your unique talents, expertise, and relationships. You’re resolving conflict, managing projects, and setting goals for the future—all while trying to navigate your relationships and your daily tasks. If you’re like most leaders, balancing the many facets of your life can be a challenge at times.

We believe that one of the best ways to take your leadership to the next level (and avoid burnout) is through a strategic coaching relationship. Our executive leadership coaches work with you to help you reach your goals for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Through proven methods of personalized leadership coaching, skill-based training, and company-wide consulting, you and your team will gain the practical tools you need to become relational, confident, and effective leaders.

You’re already a leader. Get the skills you need to ignite your influence.

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