Deanna Kwiatkowski

Deanna Kwiatkowski

People Engagement

Deanna is a results-focused leader with sixteen years of experience coaching and mentoring effective teams with a focus on driving client performance and results Her expertise in leadership development with an emphasis in diversity, equity, and inclusion advances employee engagement, company culture, and customer satisfaction for ILD and its clients. Deanna is driven by relationships – connectivity, fellowship, and community. She delights in the opportunity to positively impact lives, personally and professionally. 

With a rich professional history at the Walt Disney World Company, the leading theme park company worldwide, and BAYADA Home Health Care, an international nonprofit home health care provider, Deanna has a proven track record for spearheading projects that improve collaboration and increase operational efficiency. She has designed, developed, and piloted multiple innovative programs and platforms; successfully launched new operations teams in underserviced territories; and has developed various training curricula designed to enhance employee performance, boost productivity, reduce turnover, and improve company culture.

Deanna completed multiple enrichment courses over the years including; The Foundation Leadership Training at the world-wide recognized Disney University in 2006 and BAYADA’s Advanced Development Leadership Training in 2008. This intensive leadership training experience has ensured her ability to transform organizations by enhancing value creation, creating efficiencies and engaging employees to deliver superior results.

Deanna helps drive ILD’s contractor engagement and client satisfaction. She also serves as a consultant for ILD Client engagements to help support the growth of the organization. She is focused on creating a  community of diverse professionals that share a passion for knowledge and development, while still making the content FUN! “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”  -Maya Angelou

Everyone Is a JERK to Someone, Every Day


Painless Ways to Improve Communication with Individuals and Teams

Written by Rebecca M. Rhodes                    

Who Sounds More Like a Jerk to You?

Someone who hangs up before you are done talking.

Someone who stares out the window when you are speaking.

Someone who won’t let you forget your past mistakes.

Someone who justifies everything in response to a question.

We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, while judging others by their actions. This often leads us to one thought... “Jerk!”

In Everyone Is a Jerk to Someone Every Day, communication expert and ILD President, Rebecca Rhodes, uses the Breakthrough Communication Model to explain how perceptions lead to misunderstandings that can be easily avoided.