Rebecca Rhodes

Rebecca Rhodes

President and Founder

Rebecca Rhodes is an accomplished business owner, leadership coach, consultant, and published author. With over 40 years of professional leadership training experience, she has served as a mentor, coach, and trainer in a variety of key leadership roles throughout her career. Well-versed in communication training programs, Rebecca has received certifications to train Zig Ziglar, Stickler Learning, DATUM, and a Team Coaching Certification through Global Coach Training Institute, the world’s leading destination for team coaching. 

Coaching and training has been a core of Rebecca’s identity throughout her career. As a music teacher in her early 20s, she enjoyed sharing her passion for music and inspiring others to build their talent. Since then, her career path has included running Florida’s Miss America preliminary pageants – teaching contestants interview skills, poise, and guiding them to discover, define and enhance their individual talents. She taught defensive driving and DWI school for the National Safety Council, and served as Vice President and Director of Training with two prominent financial institutions in Florida and North Carolina. In these roles, she was responsible for training the entire organization and launched three different training departments, including an intensive management training program focused on identifying, recruiting, hiring and training college students for a career in financial leadership. 

Today, Rebecca leads a team of 20 professional consultants, coaches, and trainers, serving a cross-section of industries throughout the US. Utilizing her proprietary communication model, Breakthrough Communication, Rebecca and her team transform individuals and organizations world-wide.

Top Communication Style(s): Imaginist / Teamist

Everyone Is a JERK to Someone, Every Day


Painless Ways to Improve Communication with Individuals and Teams

Written by Rebecca M. Rhodes                    

Who Sounds More Like a Jerk to You?

Someone who hangs up before you are done talking.

Someone who stares out the window when you are speaking.

Someone who won’t let you forget your past mistakes.

Someone who justifies everything in response to a question.

We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, while judging others by their actions. This often leads us to one thought... “Jerk!”

In Everyone Is a Jerk to Someone Every Day, communication expert and ILD President, Rebecca Rhodes, uses the Breakthrough Communication Model to explain how perceptions lead to misunderstandings that can be easily avoided.