The hallmark of ILD’s coaching model is in its personalization.  Coaching is typically provided one-on-one, over a period of time, and with a specific objective in mind (i.e., develop skills, improve performance, build relationships, prepare for career advancement, etc.). Whether coaching employees, leaders, or C-Suite, we do not fix or solve problems. Rather we develop the intrinsic capacity of the individual being coached. It is not about what we can teach a person, but what we can help them unlock within themselves.

Coaching is a highly individualized process that depends on both the nature of the client and the coach’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Our skilled coaches have several techniques and tools to draw upon in almost any coaching situation.   

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Everyone Is a JERK to Someone, Every Day


Painless Ways to Improve Communication with Individuals and Teams

Written by Rebecca M. Rhodes                    

Who Sounds More Like a Jerk to You?

Someone who hangs up before you are done talking.

Someone who stares out the window when you are speaking.

Someone who won’t let you forget your past mistakes.

Someone who justifies everything in response to a question.

We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, while judging others by their actions. This often leads us to one thought... “Jerk!”

In Everyone Is a Jerk to Someone Every Day, communication expert and ILD President, Rebecca Rhodes, uses the Breakthrough Communication Model to explain how perceptions lead to misunderstandings that can be easily avoided.