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Are your employees unmotivated? Is productivity falling below expectation? Is employee turnover a problem? Low morale, high turnover, and stagnant performance is often a sign that your problem may be with management, not your employees.

Understanding personality types, learning styles, skill sets, and sensitivity play a role in successful leadership. Managers who understand their communication and work styles and their team’s communication and work styles can set clearer expectations, have more effective communication and create workplace harmony.  One of the best ways to take leadership to the next level (and avoid burnout) is through strategic coaching relationships. Our expert coaches work strategically with leadership teams to reach personal, team, and organizational goals.

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Everyone Is a JERK to Someone, Every Day


Painless Ways to Improve Communication with Individuals and Teams

Written by Rebecca M. Rhodes                    

Who Sounds More Like a Jerk to You?

Someone who hangs up before you are done talking.

Someone who stares out the window when you are speaking.

Someone who won’t let you forget your past mistakes.

Someone who justifies everything in response to a question.

We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, while judging others by their actions. This often leads us to one thought... “Jerk!”

In Everyone Is a Jerk to Someone Every Day, communication expert and ILD President, Rebecca Rhodes, uses the Breakthrough Communication Model to explain how perceptions lead to misunderstandings that can be easily avoided.